First workshop on in May! Save the date!

Ambra Bergamasco, theatre practitioner, butoh dancer and anthropologist, will give a first taster butoh workshop on May 20th, 12-2pm as part of Exploriment! the Dance Fringe Weekend. The whole thing will take place at the Back Loft. Costs are 20,- for 2 hours intense workshop or 18,- concession. Remember, we are not funded through the Arts Council…
You can find all info about the workshop here, there are plenty nice ones to choose from, plus a Corroborree Cafe, designed after the Australian Aborigines tradition of meeting through dance. Exciting!


Ambra Bergamasco practices Butoh since 14 years and teaches regularly in Dublin.

There will be more Workshops as part of the Butoh Festival Dublin! The first ones will start in June and July, before the weekend of international performances, workshops, talks and films. All welcome, there is no pre-requisite other than willingness to explore something new, let the body move, focus and concentration.

All abilities (at the Festival, for the workshop in May, please note, that the Back Loft has a high stair case), all ages, ungendered workshop. Please bring your honest self without any fuzz and you will receive something beautiful! No ballet slippers required 😉

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