Don’t forget our Butoh Workshop dates and Fund it campaign!

We’ll run the first of the workshops at Dance House next Saturday, 9th of June from 11am.
The class will be held by Ambra Bergamasco (you can read a bit about her below!), no experience required. Costs: we run the workshops on a donation basis, so give what you can to help us raise funds for the Festival in August. A good guideline is 10,- per hour of workshop.
We also would like to remind you of the Fund it campaign and say a big Thank You! to everyone who has already pledged money for it. We are trying to get 2000,-€ together to pay for flights, space rentals and insurances. All you have to do is make an account on and get your credit card (or laser if you are living in Ireland or UK) out of your wallet. Only if we reach the 2000,-, our set target amount, the money you pledge will be deducted from your card. We only have 5 days left to find funders for the remaining 795,-€ so please give what you can and hop over to

Ambra has been practicing Butoh since 1998 studying with a diversity of dancers from Japan – Daisuke Yoshimoto, Italy (Anna Vullo, Stefania Lo Maglio) and dancers that have worked with Carlotta Ikeda’s company such as Sabine Seume, Germany. Ambra’s teacher, Anna Vullo, comes from the Ohno lineage of Butoh, and shares the working methodology and the space to develop one’s own understanding and one’s own subjective dance.

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