3 days of preparations left…

it was getting a bit quiet here, preparations like distributing flyers, getting t-shirts for the artists and volunteers, writing the program, making sure the dance floors are the right size…are the main work at the moment!

We are getting lovely flowers from the The Yard Floral Design in Clontarf to bring some more beauty into the entrance space of the Back Loft, our t-shirts are getting printed by the very helpful Igor from t-shirt printing on Bolton St, our flyers and posters are printed by Grehan Printers and our artists will stand in the right light rented from the Stage Lighting Centre off Pearse St.

We will have some more great news at the festival, so keep your eyes peeled!


photo: Nobuyoshi Asai, whose film Mal du Pays is presented on Thursday and Friday.

One thought on “3 days of preparations left…

  1. Hi, I’ld be interested in volunteering to do front of house one of evening. I have a background in physical theatre, am very interested in Japanese culture and am reading up at the moment on Butoh.

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