Festival Review / new ideas blooming

Ian, from inuit panda scarlet carwash wrote his review of the Butoh Festival Dublin over on his blog. Have a look, it’s in two parts and worth a read!
Click here to read part I

Click here to read part II

Planning for 2013 is going ahead with organization of Mr Iwashita’s workshop for April and September 2013. There might be a national collaboration, keep your eyes peeled for more information, which we hopefully are able to provide beginning of the new year.


Katrin Neue, artistic director of the Festival, was commissioned to produce a short film as part of Dance 21 to celebrate the 21st anniversary of Dance Ireland. It will feature dancers from newly formed butoh dance collective milk|gyunyuu and will be shown on Meeting House Square in Temple Bar in June 2013! This ‘official’ recognition of butoh in Ireland makes us very proud and we’ll do our best to present a minute of beauty (no pressure.).


We are in contact with many artists, who would like to perform and teach at the Butoh Festival Dublin, in fact, we could already make a week long festival for the next 3 years…if you would like to help us being able to facilitate them coming over, you could send us a feedback / review of the Festival. We need to secure funding for 2013 (first applications are written and handed in already!) to invite the very experienced, internationally teaching performers.

In this enthusiastic momentum, we also try to arrange an ongoing class / workshops for everyone interested.



3 thoughts on “Festival Review / new ideas blooming

  1. Hi there,

    I would be very interested to learn more about Butoh. Could you tell me of any ongoing classes in Dublin? Regards,


    1. Hi Jose

      We hope all is well with you,

      You have left a message on the Butoh Festival Dublin some time ago in regards to Butoh Classes in Dublin. If you are still interested, classes are on! From the 16th of January 7 to 9 pm at Dance House Foley St. Ambra will be teaching them.

      Ignore this message if not of interest.

      All the best

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