After our international Guest

Iwashita Toru from Kyoto, we are presenting or are part of more events in April and May!
Katrin will perform today, on International Dance Day!, in Temple Bar / Dublin, accompanied by dancer and musician Maria Nielsson Waller. A short butoh-inspired improvisation on the outdoor performance trail! Also part of the trail is Elisabeth Zeindlinger from Belfast, she will perform in an installation in Monster Truck Gallery just before Katrin, as well as local dancers. There is a performance evening in Smock Alley Theatre starting at 7.30pm with tickets being priced at only 10€.
Ambra will facilitate the next butohcafé@exchange on May 10th, and will also be teaching a workshop in Galway on May 18th as part of the Galway Dance Days.

The planning for the festival is in full swing, but unfortunately without funding again this year. More details and an open call for European artists will be here soon!
Our trip to Cork and our monthly butohcafé have proven that there is a curious audience for butoh in Ireland, so we are committed to present the second Butoh Festival Dublin in a beautiful theatre space this time!

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