Support us!

Here at ButohDublin, we all try to offer exciting performances and workshops, some free and regular (like the butohcafé), some as a special treat to dive deeper.

This is not without costs involved. Advertising, printing, expenses for the venue (and getting there), props and preparation for performances, running the blog, etc don’t come cheap.

We ran a fund it campaign last year to cover costs for the Festival, which went well, but we need to cover at least a part of the ongoing expenses somehow to keep going. Since 2010, we pay privately, but it gets increasingly difficult for us to maintain this as the workload increases. It’s our passion to provide free workshops for the wider community!

If you would like to support us in our work, if you come to the butohcafé regularly, are interested in our workshops and outreach and have a few € spare, please consider making a donation today. All money goes into our paypal account, which is linked to our official ButohDublin account (and yes, we pay account fees for that too!) at UlsterBank.

Just click on the hat below and help us to continue our work! Thank you!