Butoh Classes at Dance House, Dublin: every Thursday 7-9 pm until end of June 2014

Butoh dance course in Dance House, Foley St. Classes are from 7 to 9 pm will continue until the end of June 2014. This is wonderful!

You can choose to come on a drop – in bases or to join for the next 14 weeks. Classes are 12 euro on a drop in basis and 10 if you join for the whole duration of the course. Keep in mind that there will be an Easter break (check the calendar page for dates).

I would suggest, if you wish to drop in, to make it at least for two classes, so that what you are developing during the class, will have a chance to stay with you. I provide notation slides which I send to your email address so that you will always be able to access the material covered in your own time.

Every one is welcome! No previous experience in performance or dance/movement is required.

I will structure the class in the following way:

– we will always have a warm up based on solo and couple exercises and personal exploration;

– we will dance through visualisations, atmospheres, both on our own and together through group work and improvisations;

– if you comfortable with it, you will get to improvise for 10/15 minutes with the material and themes developed and used during class; this gives a chance to acquire the process and receive/give peer exchange if desired.

– we will close the session by a relaxation that will include energetic and soft movements.

Hope to see you on Thursday,

if you wish to receive more information, please leave a message or text 086 40 545 29or email ambrabergamasco@gmail.comImageimage by: Frau Luna – http://www.flickr.com/photos/frauluna/

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