Carlotta Ikeda: solo and choreographed work with her company Ariadone

« What pushes me to dance day by day?
What is that spell, so strange and impenetrable, that works upon me?
I do not know how to answer such a simple question in a rational way.
I just unwind the Ariadone’s thread, and we throw ourselves desperately,
ambiguous and insane dancers, deprived of our names, then we come back down to
the ground. » Carlotta Ikeda

Carlotta Ikeda is a renowned international Butoh Dancer, also the first to form an all women Butoh Company. To learn more about her bio and experience and views visit the company website:


AI Amour: this is a documentary into the world of creation of Carlotta Ikeda’s Butoh dance and choreography.
“It reveals an erotic and chaotic world full of humor. This 3-chapter program consists of a documentary, clips from her ballet “Le language du Sphynx” and a third part, “Aï-Amour”, conceived and directed as a fiction. The final part is based on Carlotta Ikeda and Ko Murobushi’s joint creation, “Aï-Amour”, filmed and edited in a proper form peculiar to the language of film-making. Kamal Musal draws a chaotic, feminine, erotic and humoristic portrait of CARLOTTA IKEDA and her art. With strong images and a daring soundtrack, Aï-Amour goes deep into the chaos of the butoh, to the point where the light is, in the invisible world. Ai-Amour” has been awarded the Silver Fipa Award from the 8th International Festival for Audio-Visual Programmes in Nice, France” (, visit page to see more).

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