Gyohei Zaitsu (Butoh Dance) Trevor Knight and Alice Maher: from the 20th of February at the Project


This is an amazing artistic collaboration between Trevor Knight – composer and artist Alice Maher and Butoh dancer Gyohei Zaitsu.

I am really looking forwards to the opening on the 20th of february.

Visit the Project website to book your ticket and read more about the artists:

Directly form the Project website, here is the synopsis of the show: :”in Marquez’s story, an angel creature, half celestial, half decrepit human, falls to earth and is confined in the hen house of a peasant family who put him on display for the locals as paid entertainment.  This strange parable of human greed and an inability to recognize true beauty is the starting point for Visitant, which will exist at an artistic intersection where music, visual art, butoh dance, and a dose of sci-fi will meet. Music and sound will form the backbone of the performance allowing an open, improvised formula of interaction”.

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