Karou Okumura: Seattle Based

Karou Okumura is a Butoh artist based in Seattle, U.S. She studied in the 90s with Akiko Motofuji – Hijikata’s wife. Here is more about her artistic carrier and inclinations – more information can be availed at http://kaoruokumura.com/about.aspx “After another long interval, she encountered Seattle Butoh dancers in 2008, which kindled her dream of sharing her own art. Since then, she has enjoyed working and performing with Danse … Continue reading Karou Okumura: Seattle Based

MINAKO SEKI: “Dancing Between”

A personal note I have had the pleasure and the honour to attend a composition workshop with Minako Seki in 2012 in Berlin. After nearly two years, the workshop material is still unfolding in me. I think this is enough to explain the incredible value stored in the teaching of Minako Seki. The commitment, generosity, joy and presence of Minako is what I felt in … Continue reading MINAKO SEKI: “Dancing Between”

Yumiko Yoshioka

Yumiko Yoshioka was born in Tokyo. In 1974 she joined the women´s butoh company Ariadone directed by Carlotta Ikeda. “Since 1981 Yumiko Yoshioka has been alternating between Japan and Europe and has been living in Germany since 1988, the year in which she founded with Minako Seki and Delta R´ai the group tatoeba THÉÂTRE DANSE GROTESQUE, which till its break-up in 1994 successfully toured Japan, … Continue reading Yumiko Yoshioka