MINAKO SEKI: “Dancing Between”

A personal note

I have had the pleasure and the honour to attend a composition workshop with Minako Seki in 2012 in Berlin.

After nearly two years, the workshop material is still unfolding in me. I think this is enough to explain the incredible value stored in the teaching of Minako Seki. The commitment, generosity, joy and presence of Minako is what I felt in the days I learning from her. In a gentle and firm way, she directs and brings you where you have to go to learn and to access your riches. Always bring to visibility, in the material, is what those days meant for me.


More details and information is available on minakoseki.com

Minako is founder of the Minako Seki Company. She also co-directs the Berlin Post School for Physical Theatre-Dance.

Her Butoh lineage: “She belongs to the third generation of Butoh-Dancer (Dance Love Machine, tatoeba-téâtre danse grotesque). Her dance is based on butoh, physical theatre and comtemporary forms, she named her dance-style “Dancing Bewteen“, the between is giving her eternal possibilities to create movements. In her pieces she deals with consciousness and unconsciousness, describes emotional states of being and the limits of reality and illusion. During the last twenty years Minako Seki improved her own body technique and teaching method and combines both in the SEKI METHOD. She is teaching all over the world and is showing her productions in Europe, USA, South-America, Japan” (extract from minakoseki.com).

On Choereography:

extract from Minako Seki website http://www.minakoseki.com

“My choreography is both logic and irrational at the same time, which means that all feelings have a physical form. This form is also a very important basis of my work, because every physical position is the transmitter of certain feelings:

What is the body’s pace?

Is the feeling hot or cold?

What colour is it of?

Is it smoky or transparent like glass?

 Which feelings have which background? The background means landscape. You will find the answers to all these questions in your everyday life and that is logic.” (quote from minakoseki.com)


Photo by Laborgras.com

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