Antje O’Toole – W…

In W… Antje explores the relation of her body to a woolen ‘costume’, or body extension, in a journey of transformations and transitions. Changing the shapes of both the prop and the body through engagement and action, performer and prop engage in a silent dialog – perhaps in a self-involved quest of trying to find solutions and unity within their symbiosis.

W… is suitable for the whole family. The performance lasts 20 min. Audiences are invited to explore the wool after the performance. The development of this piece has kindly been supported by the Wicklow County Arts Office and Shawbrook Dance.

Antje O’Toole is an independent dancer and choreographer with a background in contemporary dance, education and dance therapy. Through her project Rockinghorsedance she facilitates movement experiences with a holistic and inclusive approach for people of all ages and abilities. Antje’s work is motivated by an inherent interest in the individual’s perception of reality, human experiences in relation to their world, and the various things that move the individual. Recent performances include W…, Tend (co-choreographed with Emma Fitzgerald), Para-re, The Party (ReadyFireAim) and PlayDance (Myriad Dance). Her work has been supported by the Arts Council Ireland, County Wicklow Arts Office, Dance Ireland, Shawbrook and Daghdha Dance.

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