Moving Bodies Festival 2015 – Artists and Workshops Mart Gallery

Moving Bodies Festival will be in MART Gallery – Rathmines, Dublin.


Artists: Yumiko Yoshioka (Japan/Berlin, Germany) Ken Mai (Helsinki, Finland) Natsuko Kono (Japan/Europe) Fergus Byrne (Dublin, Ireland) Rachel Sweeney (UK Ireland) Deirdre Murphy (Ireland) Eleanor Lawler (Ireland) Antje O’Toole (Ireland) Choko-thursday butoh group: Michela Orlandi (Italy Ireland), Adrienne Wilson (Ireland), Trevor McCann (Ireland), Edegar Starke (Brazil Ireland), Jessica Cotte (UK Ireland), Hiroyuki Kawamichi (Ireland Japan), Jack Beglin ( Ireland)

Lighting: Conleth White



28/31 May Yumiko Yoshioka – Dance Ireland 12.30 -5.30

Early Bird 25th of April 125 Euro

140 Euro

to book

24/25 May Natsuko Kono + Ambra G. Bergamasco 12-5.30 pm (tbc location and times)

Early Bird 80 Euro

100 Euro

1/ 6 Ken Mai 12-5.30 pm

Early Bird 50 Euro

70 Euro

Festival Workshop Pass 230 Euro for 4 workshops for a total of seven days 5 hours per day.

For informations:

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