BUTOH: Come along on Culture Night on the 18/09 to try it out and every Thursday @Dance Ireland 7-9pm

It is Butoh practice time again!

DSC_0250I am very happy to get back to class and to have a slot in for Culture Night! Come along to try it out at 7.30 on the 18th or you can drop in every Thursday evening from 7 to 9pm Dance Ireland Dance House Foley St. – 15e drop in 55×4 classes

Students: 12e drop in; 45 x 4 classes

DSC_7217 DSC_7205 DSC_7156 DSC_7057

Classes run from September until December 2015.

Butoh is a great body method, a dance, an art. It can be beneficial for performers of all the arts and those that enjoy exploring non-verbal communication. There are many beneficial aspects of Butoh…It aids in supporting our wellbeing, it is a a playground for our personal creativity. It helps our presence, develops body-mind awareness and deepens its understanding. It allows to delve into archetypes and develop our own cultural interpersonal one.

Butoh dances through relations, transmissions, resonances and in betweens.

What we do in class: I have organised classes in a set of four. We will explore:

transmission of movement through actual movement exploration and visual stimulation

stillness and speed

internal movement – micro-movement

Performing outings, guests and more to be expected!

Hoping to meet you in dance!

for info: movingbodiesfestival@gmail.com

Here are some videos for your delight:

Tadashi Endo

Sankai Juku -of which member Iwashita Toru came for Butoh Dublin in 2012

Minako Seki – artist for Moving Bodies Butoh and Live Art Festival 2015 and workshop in 2014 

Photo credit: Enrico Chizzotti

Dancer Minako Seki @ Teatro Espace Torino Moving Bodies Butoh and Live Art Festival 2015

Dancer: Ambra Bergamasco (sea side photos)

Photographer: Ewa Figaszewska Dance Photography

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