Facebook event ‪#‎MovingTuesdays‬: do you create run curate small festivals? Join with your tips/stories and questions and more!

Facebook free events: how to generate audience for small looking like niche arts based festivals + any volunteer? Join ‪#‎MovingTuesdays‬ with your tip/story and question and more!

Here is Moving Bodies Butho Live Art Festival Fb page

One of the things Moving Bodies has learned is expanding creative methods to gain visibility. For this, as we don’t like to feel alone on a rock, we decided to create #MovingTuesdays (tomorrow).

Moving Tuesdays is a facebook event happening here on this page, lasting all Tuesday day – where we can post questions share stories tips and all sorts related to the creation, curation and funding of small festival that promote minor artistic work – visual and performative.

Post here TOMORROW using #MovingTuesdays at the beginning of the post. Sharing is always productive, collaborations rewarding and knowledge enriches…

Hosting small festival of what can appear niche art and being at the forefront of it with likeminded people is a commitment. We, of Moving Bodies are lucky, as we have a very supportive atmosphere here in Dublin. This makes the work always a pleasure. Yet. It is a big job to do and as we are about to commence organising 2016 the list gets longer.
(I could ask for help, just now! Volunteers are always welcome, remunerated with free workshops and shows)

Come along!
Love and Discovery to all

Moving Bodies Team

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