“UnBound” – a collaborative co-creation performance and open floor 21-22/11 5-7pm


Two days of Unbound:
21st of Nov 5pm Trinity College entrance for a walking performance
22nd Nov Mart Gallery 5-7pm performance + open floor

Unbound Performance is a collaboration through Butoh Contemporary Circus Acrobatics Performance Art and ARN stories & poetries, Ballet and Electroacoustic Music
ZOE O’REILLY : in conversation on Art & Culture and Activism

Collaborating and co-creating, doing art in our contemporaneity, what does it bring about, and how can we?

Dante Tanzi created “Contemporary waves (2015)” for Unbound. Dante develops it perceiving it as follows: “Contemporaneity is a daily distillate news. Contemporaneity is an audience that looks in the mirror. Contemporaneity is a mix of football matches, dance rhythms and applauses at the funerals. Contemporaneity dresses in rags and luxury, in distraction and fear. Contemporary is history of limits, transits and borders. It is the beach on which religious hymns, invocations to frau Merkel and songs of refugee go to breaking on. Contemporaneity is history of bodies that emerge, from a bottom without light, all together floating, mixed in confusion such as scrap of a shipwreck” (Dante Tanzi).

Guerilla Aerial Choko Buoth and ARN come together under the framework of sharing skills and performance styles, responding to internal/external urgencies and needs when confronted with themes of gender, identity, borders, home, movement, conflict and cooperation.

Background to Unbound: This piece has been created as a spin-off to the Artist in the Community Award received by Ambra G. Bergamasco to develop research material using Butoh dance with members of ARN -Anti-Racism Network. The project investigates racism as “internal and external landscape performed in the city”. In addressing Racism as a state of mind rather than colour of skin, issues of identity, acceptance, collaboration, fear and conflict emerged as predominant. In developing further these themes, it emerged that what the shifts that occur in our reality are also presented and present in our bodies, in the way we present, understand and expect ourselves to be and interact.

Furthermore, Ambra felt the need to address artistically the current Syrian situation and how geographical and bureaucratic borders affect people’s life. Such shifts are also occurring in the Arts and Academia. Cross-discipline collaborations, working via skype, the European Union funding based on the interaction of cultures and countries, are now daily practices. If taken as a creative opportunity, these working methods challenge the idea of self, proprioception and boundaries. Identity and “self” develop in function of the other through acceptance – rejection – cooperation/conflict and existence. How do these find a vocabulary in a dance performance art piece?This reflection made Ambra decide to deepen the already established collaboration with Enda Moran and his group “Guerilla Aerial” and her own “Choko Butoh” and ARN and Zoe O’Reilly. Dante Tanzi, from Italy, joined this venture providing electroacoustic music, in particular Dante created “Contemporary Waves”.

… in early September 2015 to device the themes emerged from understanding racism as a state of mind not skin. This brought further themes to emerge such as identity and how our identities negotiate existence through the chosen disciplines e.g. butoh and contemporary dance, acrobatics and ballet. Conflict-cooperation-negotiation-nomadic engagement How do I hold on to “me”? Is that truly what matters? The coming together of Guerilla Aerial with Choko-Butoh teases these issues supported with and by ARN, Dante Tanzi and Zoe O’Reilly in the performance format: Inevitably challenges our sense of identity, our understanding of cooperation and our approach to conflicts. The piece responds to these current challenges as we are artists working with and creating open ended platforms where disciplines come together.

Risk, unpredicted events, change of directions, is what emerged as subjects themes when an international group of performers come together. In this context, cooperation and conflict leave our sense of identity unbound.Stage directions: Starting form personal introductions, the performers take hold of the space at times solo at time interacting. Someone takes hold and directs, at times a soft interaction comes along. Most times, curiosity is leader. Our senses of identity grow influenced by the other.

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