Art Environment Performance Butoh Cafe

This Saturday, 9th of April, from 7pm to 9pm, Mart Gallery, Rathmines

We are delighted to have Katrin Neue and her extensive experience in dance and movement – from ballet to contemporary, Butoh and somatic movement – as our guest for this Butoh Cafe!

Katrin Neue
Katrin Neue holds a degree in Dance Education and a Master of Arts in Dance Performance. She taught dance to children and adults until moving to Ireland in 2009, where she completed her MA with first class honours. After that she had the opportunity to qualify as a Pilates Instructor, both for Mat work and equipment under teachers from Ireland and internationally.

Since studying dance, she was interested in somatic practices and internal awareness, first from a performance perspective (her love for Butoh let her found and direct the Butoh Festival Dublin in 2012), then increasingly to regain and refine functional and natural movements in her classes. She trained to become a Somatic Exercise Coach under Martha Peterson in 2014, after giving birth to her son Fionn a few months earlier. All of a sudden, past injuries and resulting difficulties in her dance practice made sense. Katrin is a firm believer in the importance of bodily autonomy and sees Somatic Movement as the prime teaching to achieve it. Because of this, since February 2015, she is training to become a Clinical Somatic Educator in the tradition of Thomas Hanna, under the direction of Martha Peterson (Essential Somatics).

Throughout the session, we will explore contemporary dance Somatic Movement and Butoh.
We will be looking at areas of cross-pollination, movement styles and origin of movement during the workshop and enjoy a short performance and enjoy a light refreshment.

Edegar Starke & Ambra G. Bergamasco


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