“Connecting Sea” Moving Bodies Festival is in Torino in a month! 28/6 – 1/7 2017

Moving Bodies Festival 2017 is directed and curated by Ambra G. Bergamasco and Edegar Starke. Ambra is a Butoh Dance Performer, Artistic Director and theory-poiesis lover. Edegar is a young curator and performer and devotes his time to study and research Butoh.

is in partnership with the Embassy of Japan in Ireland, Dance Ireland, C.S.D. Compagnia Sperimentale Drammatica, and teatro Espace, and partner of NESXT Festival. Moving Bodies Festival is a transdisciplinary platform that sees Butoh dance, Live Art and Performance Art come together to share, connect, dialogue, and relate in four  days festival held in Torino in Teatro Espace of Via Mantova 38; a central area of the city centre, characterised by a creative artistic atmosphere.

The festival offers two artists in residency opportunity and an Intensive Summer Practice.


Connecting Sea

I see the foggy ocean—

is there a motherland

I can dedicate myself to? (Terayama)

This year’s festival marks the 60 th years of international collaboration between Japan and Ireland. It dedicates its artistic vision to the connection between islands and the sea of endless possibilities that unpredicted encounters can generate, create, inform, stimulate and become new codes and visions. This imagery is doublefolded and is to be understood geographically as well as inernally and poetically.

We opened our platform to Irish based artists inviting them to present work in order to create a dialogue and cultural exchange with Butoh dance and performance art. Sinead Keogh and Eleanor Lawler will be in Torino on the 28th and 29th of June. Eleanor Lawler will present work created thanks to the artist in residency programme offered at Moving Bodies Festival. This programme, beside offering the space needed for the artist to create, research and develop, it provides the artistis in residency with training in Butoh dance as a manner of bridging disciplines, creating new spaces of practice, shared knowledge and “meeting” on ground zero, and the consequences of such approach.

Intensive Summer Practice: every festival edition dedicates an important space to education, practice, research and development. This year we are proud to bring three areas of learning opportunity: light design and fundaments of video-making and photography, Butoh, and Performance Art. These topics are approached through dedicated workshops; they run one after the other so to create a learning athomsphere of exchange, creation, reflexion. Of course one can take single workshops! Interested to know more and see the shedule? Click here

We offer a great deal, check our Early Birds rates here, and book your place!
Eventbrite - Intensive Summer Practice Butoh Performance Art Light Design Fotografia+Video Making

All information can be asked at movingbodiesfestival@gmail.com

Performances from the 28th of June to the 1st of July 2017

Festival Prices: all performance evenings are comprehensive of a glass of wine and little bites  @ 15 euro -12 euro students and over 65


28th of June @9pm: Sinead Keogh -Performance Art; Ambra Gatto Bergamasco and Edegar Strake -Butoh Dance

29th of June @ 9pm: Sinead Keogh – Performance Art; Eleanor Lawler Performance Art; Chiara Burgio with performers Margherita Tosi e Francesca Kezic -Butoh Dance

30th of June 9pm: Francesca Arri Choral Performance – Performance Art; Enrico Pastore Ambra G. Bergamasco and Edegar Starke – Butoh Dance with acting voice

1st of July @ 9pm: Masaki Iwana – Butoh Dance

After Show Live Music

This year we are proudly offering an after show live music with three wonderful musicians that will play live after the performances. The styles are different amongst them and all bring to the festival their unique presence. Come back for more details soon! 

All info and bookings contact movingbodiesfestival@gmail.com or telephone +393392384244

Looking forwards having you in Teatro Espace for the 4th Edition!

Ambra G. Bergamasco and Edegar Starke




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