Antje O’Toole

Antje O’Toole is an independent dancer and choreographer with a background in contemporary dance (MA), education (MEd) and dance therapy (FITT, Frankfurt). Her company Rockinghorsedance facilitates movement experiences with a holistic and inclusive approach. Antje has performed solo and ensemble works, most recently Tend (co-choreographed with Emma Fitzgerald), PlayDance (Myriad Dance), Bodies in Urban Spaces (Cie. Willi Dorner), The Party (Ready Fire Aim) and her solos Neckhelmetmotorcircleclub and From Far Away. Her dance film Sink was shortlisted at the Signal Short Film Fest 2014. Antje’s work is motivated by an inherent interest in the individual’s perception of reality, humanexperiences in relation to their world, and the various things that move the individual.

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Performance for MART Gallery 27th of May 2015


The greek prefix para can mean alongside, near, beside, above, and also beyond. As an attachment to the base word it can be interpreted as ‘the irregular’, or ‘the other’. Think paranoia, paralysis or paradox. The latin word parāre means to shield, defend, ward off. Experimenting with the extension of the body by help of an attachment, Para-re explores the relationship between the ‘new’ body and the person’s self-perception within the context of the symbiosis of me/the other. Does the connotation of other-ness effect the body? How can the body enfold within its own parameters and self-understanding? Para-re is exploring body norms and ‘extraordinariness’, inspired by the transformative force of flora and fauna, by the gifted and burdened bodies of superheroes, and by the sheer endless possibilities and diversity of human shape.

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