Director and Organiser “MOVING BODIES BUTOH FESTIVAL” 2014

Ambra G. Bergamasco

Ambra Gatto Bergamasco has extensive experience in project management and facilitation in theatre and Butoh dance. Ambra has worked as an assistant artistic director for numerous productions at Espace Theatre in Turin, Italy, developed working networks with international artists. She has collaborated extensively with Mallika Sarabhai with whom she co-choreographed, trained and perform in India and Italy. She performed internationally, in Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands and India. Her theatre training includes physical theatre, Classical Indian dance, and Butoh.

Ambra is on the forefront of developing the visibility of Butoh in Ireland through regular weekly classes at Dance Ireland/dance House, workshops and performances. Currently she is devising a piece on Francis Bacon Butoh and Gilles Deleuze. This was facilitated by the month long residency at Dance Ireland. This study/research sees the involvement and support of Prof. Gerry Kearns (Geography Department, NUIM) in regards to the academic production.

Academically, Ambra is a PhD fellow of Nirsa/ Geography Department at the National University of Maynooth, Ireland. Her PhD research wishes to set forwards a practical critique to the concept of the creative city thought the implementation of a practice-based methodology. She is involved in the development of research projects that see Applied Arts and medical Humanities bridging over to conventional medical settings. Ambra has worked as a theatre facilitator and educator for a decade in health scapes working with disabilities and mental health. Her primary interest lays in developing possibility of reintegration in situations of post-trauma and violence.