Festival 2014: Ireland Scotland Italy


kenmai bublinInside centre body-worlds collapse, fall into themselves; to unravel – restore -blossom as a possible way.

As cultural mediators and practitioners it is our responsibility to present work that can offer a space not solely for the aesthetic enjoyment of artistic work, but also to present work that can make a difference for the audience through reflection and solutions at times of conflict and crises.

Our touring festival ended on the 30th of July. Now, we are busy reflecting on all what we have learned and working towards 2015 edition. Keep checking our website to avail of all the information concerning Butoh events and collaborations in Dublin Glasgow Bologna Torino!

To simplify and make sure information comes easy…We are currently expanding our website!


Moving Bodies international touring festival 2014 artists:

Yumiko Yoshioka Minako Seki Ken Mai Natsuko Kono and the European Ambra G. Bergamasco Paul Michael Henry and Yuri Dini supported by the renowned lighting designer Conleth White and Production Manager Marie Tierney.


We are supported by Dance Ireland Dance House, Firkin Crane, Teatro Espace, CCA-Glasgow

In particular, I, Ambra Gatto Bergamasco, wanted to express my gratitude to Dance Ireland/Dance House for the constant support towards the development of the Butoh scene in Dublin.

Thank you for supporting us!

Here we are!



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