Il Teatro della Beffa – Yuri Dini

Tê Ryû


Yuri Dini

For many of us landing in this world – with the richness, confusion, joy and pain it contains – was not easy. Finding our own place and meaning, seeking in echoes of our experiences the traces of a possible destiny, a piece of land to stand on, dig from…

This performance represents a ritual for dealing with the major symbols I’ve encountered in my life. Facing and transforming everything that happened, blessing and thankful for all the lessons I learned even from the most difficult and dark moments.

Through this  celebration, with the resonances of personal imagery and    fears transformed, the dance opens to a bigger wound: the one all humans are doing to Nature, the mother and matrix of every creature and phenomenon.

Tê Ryû is a humble healing prayer offered to the world. We are part of it, every single thing happening in the cosmos reflects and resonates in us. Everything is spreading from the magical and glorious pulse of Nature.