Intensive Summer Practice: Read it in English

Moving Bodies Festival Intensive Summer Practice – Teatro Espace, Via Mantova 38, 10153 Torino
Intensive Summer Practice from 28th of June to the 15th of July 2017
All workshops are inclusive of 4 days of performances! from the Opening on the 28th of June to the closing day on the 5th of July with Masaki Iwana solo, Butoh Dance.
Ambra G. Bergamasco +393392384244

This intensive summer practice is open to professionals of the performing sector, creatives, architects, desingers, event managers, freelancers, dancers, choerographers, curious walkabouts, Butoh dancers, theatre practitioners, directors and you!

Moving Bodies Festival is a platform for Butoh Dance and Live Art. This year we dedicate our 4th edition to the Sea and its connections. The Festival is in collaboration with the Embassy of Japan in Ireland, Dance Ireland, C.S.D. and Theatre Espace of Torino, Italy. We are delighted to bring Butoh Master Masaki Iwana to our intensive summer practice and performance. As curators, we Ambra Gatto Bergamasco and Edegar Starke believe in bringing training, practice and research in the form of an Intensive Summer Practice were artists, curious, walk-abouts and all of you, can come and experience high level of professionalism and care. This year we have also the opportunity of learning about lighting design with Conelth White from Ireland, photography and video-making with Alessandro Sinyus from Torino, Italy, Performance Art with Francesca Arri from Torino, and Butoh creation and practice with Ambra G. Bergamasco and assistant Edegar Starke.

Of course you can also take single workshops!

Here below we have very convinient Early Birds!

Want to take them all? 5 workshops MBF Intensive Summer Practice Pass: 675 euro pay by 5th of June; 850 euro pay by the 19th of June 2017. All performances included 28th of June 1st of July 2017 Teatro Espace Torino

**There is a possibility to be hosted in 2 aptarments 4 sharing from the 27th of June to the 19th of July for 1065 euro all inclusive of 5 workshops+performances+room if paid by the 1st of June. Offer only for 8 people**

1. Light Design:
1)theory and practice will be tought by the experienced light designer from Dublin, Conleth White. His method entails theory modules to ground the basis of his approach to lighting. The practice will be gained by assisting Conleth with Moving Bodies Festival performances.
Dates: 29 30 June and 1st of July. Times: 12-2pm theory, from 5pm-10pm practice. Costs: Early Bird dates: 5th of June – 200 euro; 15th of June – 225 euro. After those dates: 250 euro.

ALESSANDRO SINYUS – Video making and Photography
2) Fundaments of video-making and photography with Alessandro SinyusUnidigita founder and artistic director of Unidigita: theory and practice the 29th and 30th of July from 3pm to 7pm with continuation during the performance evenings of the festival.
Cost early bird: 5th of June 125 euro;15th of June 150; after 180 euro.

*Want to participate to both? Pay within the 5/6: 315euro; pay within the 15/6: 350 euro, full price: 430euro*

Performance art workshop with Choral performance on the 30th of June on stage as part of the performances of Moving Bodies Festival
28 thJune from 2pm to 5pm
29th of June from 2pm to 5pm
30th of June from 4pm to performance time at 9pm
28 June from 2pm to 5pm
Cost 50 euro

3. BUTOH DANCE with Masaki Iwana and BUTOH PERFORMANCE CREATION with Ambra G. Bergamasco:
MASAKI IWANA – Butoh Master
1) Butoh Dance with Masaki Iwana: 3rd of July to 7th of July – 5 hours daily from 12 to 5pm.
Costs: Early bird within the 5th of June: 275euro; within the 15th of June 300 euro; full price 350 euro.

2) Butoh Dance: practice -creation and performance development from the 8th of July to the 15th of July. Times: 11am to 4pm OR 5pm to 9,30 pm. Costs: Early Bird within the 1st of June: 200 euro; within the 15th of June 225 euro,full price 250 euro.

*Want to participate to both? Pay within the 5/6: 450euro; pay within the 15/6: 500 euro, full price: 600euro*

Want to take them all? 5 workshops MBF Intensive Summer Practice Pass: 765 euro pay by 5th of June; 850 euro pay by the 15th of June 2017.