Joan Somers Donnelly

Joan Somers Donnelly is a theatre maker and performer based in Dublin. Her work is driven by an endless curiosity about bodies and movement, and the ways our physicalities interact with our social rules and conditioning, defying/conforming/confusing. She has trained or completed residencies in butoh, site-specific performance, documentary theatre and theatre for intercultural dialogue, and is a founding member of Discotheque Collective.

This new work for Moving Bodies is about a certain kind of fear. The fear of what or who we do not know, the strange or unfamiliar or incomprehensible. We fear the unknown, the place where we can gain the most vital insights into ourselves, others, and the world we inhabit.

The deep sea is the lowest layer of the ocean, existing at a depth of 1000 fathoms or more. These are the least explored places on the planet. We knew almost nothing about life here until the 1970s, when thriving colonies of shrimps and other organisms around hydrothermal vents were discovered. We had previously thought that all life on earth got its energy from the sun, but the creatures living in the deep sea showed us that life is possible under more varied conditions than we had thought. This changed our thinking about the chances of life existing elsewhere in our universe.

Welcome to The Deep. A performance about fear, the ocean depths, and venturing into the unknown.

Concept and performance: Joan Somers Donnelly

Props: Caoimhe Dunn