Ken Mai Workshop content in English and Italiano

Ken Mai will be facilitating workshops in Dublin and Torino.

Il laboratorio di Ken Mai si terra’ Sabato 20 Giugno al Teatro Espace – Contenuto in italiano a seguito del testo inglese.


The workshop provides a direct connection of Buto dance to Zen approach to the world. We will focus on natural movement, the various types of motion caused by our imagination, movement with breathing, movement with talking poem and singing as well. We will concentrate on Zen Meditation (Zazen), Zen Walking (Kinhin) and Zen Movement (created by Ken Mai).
The main theme of this course is to absorb the nature of darkness and reach the beauty of lightness – like Zen(Wabi-Sabi,Japanese Aesthetics) as well as Butoh accept the world at both poles – in the dark and light, in death and birth. There will be “walking with paintings“ and also various method of movements using the imagination, transformation, butoh contact improvisation, and individual expression of creative works.


Ken Mai says “Buto is for me “ Reflection of my Life “ that bring back past memories, experiences and it shows, presence of my life and future of my life destiny. And it goes humans inner journey like consciousness, unconsciousness or sub-consciousness levels are coming and out all the time in my (our) life. It means we are growing with these process to have experienced in the contemporary world”



Il laboratorio di Ken Mai vuole offrire entrambe le sue esperienze come danzatore Butoh e meditazione Zen. Per anni Ken Mai ha vissuto in un monastero Zen in Giappone. In quest’istanza ha potuto sperimentare e sviluppare un linguaggio corporeo che trae da entrambe le pratiche, mettendole in relazione attraverso movimenti naturali, immaginazione, respiro e voce. Dopo anni di rigorosa pratica, Ken Mai ha iniziato spontaneamente ad usare la voce, anch’esso come corpo danzante.

In relazione al suo approccio, Ken Mai sottolinea che il Butoh, per lui, e’ una riflessione sulla vita nella quale vengono invitate memorie e ricordi di ogni tempo – personale e esistenza ad ampio raggio- a danzare. Cio’ e’ possibile attraverso una meditazione che fa da ponte tra l’inconscio ed il conscio, tra la memoria stessa ed il corpo danzante.


Ken Mai has studied the unique style of both founders,Kazuo Ohno and Tatsumi Hijikata method. He has also studied German expressionist dance which has considerable influence on Butoh. His style of performance combines Butoh elements with a background in Acting,German expressionist dance,Gymnastics,Martial arts,Singing,Ze,and Philosophy of Yoga Sutra. Ken Mai has been performing solo,teaching,directing other companies and has also collaborating acclaimed musicians,sculptors and visual artists all over the world. It is this unique combinations that make his workshop accessible enriching and profoundly moving. Ken Mai brings to his exercises all his knowledge carefully making sure that each participants can access a space of creation and discovery.

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