MOVING BODIES Festival Butoh & Live Art 2015


As cultural mediators and practitioners it is our responsibility to present work that can offer a space not solely for the aesthetic enjoyment of artistic work, but also to present work that can make a difference for the audience. In this regards, the Festival wishes to present work that can nourish and offer tools of reflection. The artists involved and the cultural producers have at heart the conditions of our present and are keen to present work that truly engages with social transformation, discoveries, facilitating the conditions for the audience to work through resilient approaches to social conditions.

The project is intended as an exercise in cultural diplomacy and intercultural development fostering mutual understanding through cultural participation in our universal humanity.

Our objective for this project is to present contemporary dance art grounded in Japanese culture by inviting distinctive key figures from the international Butoh culture, welcoming newer artists from Butoh and Performance Art and deepening ongoing relationships with a view to future collaboration.

Our project would be the first national Butoh festival for Ireland, and the first Butoh festival for the cities of Torino. This network will provide an international platform for the performance and presentation of Butoh, cultivate audience awareness of the artform across geographic areas, and develop the practitioner community across a robust network of venues and dance­theatre associations within a consortium model.

The festival wishes to create a space for the audience to find responses for the challenging times social and natural life is going through. The artists involved address the critical human position by staging its grotesque, absurd aspect; the state of human vulnerability, the possibility of transformation and to respond with beauty.

Butoh is mindfulness, it is “in every day’s work” (Yoshito Ohno), it opens your eyes to experience the beauty of things by acknowledging their circle of evolving, blooming and dying.

There is dance in everything.

MOVING BODIES is a volunteer based festival. To support it we do crowd-funding and run classes and workshops with invited guests through the year in Ireland and Italy. All income goes to support the festival costs and the artists fee.