Moving Bodies Butoh & Live Art Dublin and Torino: English verison

2015: Receptacle

in association with the Embassy of Japan in Ireland

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27-30 May Mart Gallery Dublin, Ireland

24th of May – 1st of June Workshops: Yumiko Yoshioka Natsuko Kono Ken Mai Ambra G. Bergamasco

Schedule Early Bird Offers for Dublin, Ireland

15-20 June  Teatro Espace Torino

13-20 June Workshops Minako Seki Ken Mai Fergus Byrne Natsuko Kono Ambra Bergamasco

Schedule Early Bird Offers for Torino, Italy

Moving Bodies Butoh and Live Art 2015 wants to bring to relation Butoh and Live Art. This is sought out as a container, a receptacle that, by hosting different approaches and individual choices can inform, contaminate and transform both audience and performer.

In both cities the aim is that of finding one self in a space that talks of transmutations and new contaminations in a tangible way. This is a stance in contrast to a liquified and ephemeral world reality. The artists that will present their work are both engaged with Butoh and Performance Art.

In Dublin Yumiko Yoshioka, Ken Mai, Fergus Byrne, Natsuko Kono, Dierdre Murphy, Rachel Sweeney and Antonio Roberst, Eleanor Lawler, Antje O’Toole and the Choko Butoh Thursday Class (end of year performance) will come together at the Mart Gallery.

In Torino, Italy, Minako Seki, Natsuko Kono, Fergus Byrne, Ken Mai, Ambra Gatto Bergamasco, Francesca Garrone, Sara Bracco e Maurizia Mannucci,  Elisa Spagone and Choko Butoh Research Group – Edegar Starke, Jack Beglin, Adrienne Wilson and Michela Orlandi – butoh and film maker, will present their work and work in progress.

In Torino, on the 15th of June, there will be a Butoh Cafe from 9pm. This is an initiative of Ambra Gatto Bergamasco thought out as a practice of audience development. Butoh-Cafe’s structure is composed by an introductory workshop and a 15 mins improvisation time. In this session, participants will learn about the dance art and will be lead to explore it through exercises based on visualisations and sensorial stimulation.

There will be a glass of wine for the opening and closing of the festival. In Torino, the closing of the festival will also be marked by a buffet sampling Sara Bracco’s kitchen expertise and food research.

“Moving Bodies Festival – Butoh & Performing Art wants to bring to visibility interconnected fields that might not be aware of sharing similar elements. In a receptacle, by containing, this can become source of dialogues intra-practices”.

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