Moving Bodies Butoh & Live Art Dublin: info and Early Bird offers Performances – Workshops

Early Bird Offers: Performances and Workshops

Before the 10th of May

Moving Bodies Performances Pass: nine performances from the 27th to the 30th of May

27-29 two performances; 30th of May 3 performances

82 euro (2 euro transaction fee)
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18 euro at the door per evening

Paypal+ 2 euro transaction

15 euro  conc

Paypal + 2 euro transaction

27th of May 8pm: Antje O’Toole + Rachel Sweeney & Antonio Roberts
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28th of May 8pm: Fergus Byrne + Natsuko Kono
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29th of May 8pm: Eleanor Lawler + Ken Mai
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30th of May  from 7 pm: Deirdre Murphy + Choko Thursday Group + Yumiko Yoshioka
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Early Bird Moving Bodies Workshop Pass – all workshops Natsuko Kono & Ambra G, Bergamasco; Yumiko Yoshioka; Ken Mai

185 Euro
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All workshops are open to all levels of experience and ages -15 – 99 years old.

Butoh dance is ideal for all those that want to experiment and be creatively stimulated by an approach to movement and performance stemming from the use of imagination to stimulate new movements and poetics to arise. Butoh is “easy access” as each session offers a warm up and the exploration of movement and imagery is in line with one’s own physical possibility.

Each and every artist will lead a unique workshop bringing to it long lasting experience and different contaminations from Yoga, Noguchi Taiso, Physical Theatre, Rhythm, Marital Arts, Meditation, internal Body methods.

 Individual Workshop prices 

  Natsuko Kono  + Ambra G. Bergamasco


Ambra: 24th 12.30-5pm

Natsuko Kono

25th 12.30-5pm

27th and 29th May Morning class 10-11.45

Workshops 24th-25th of May included

Early Bird: 45 euro

After the 10th of May:

65 euro
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28-31 of May 2015 Yumiko Yoshioka

Early Bird and concession 125euro   Buy Now Button

                                      After the 10th of May 145euro Buy Now Button

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1st of June: Ken Mai

Early Bird: 45 euro

After the 10th of May: 65 euro

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