Moving Bodies Butoh and Live Art Festival in association with The Embassy of Japan in Ireland: Dublin and Torino

Moving Bodies Butoh and Live Art Festival in association with the Embassy of Japan in Ireland



festival 2015

click here for Festival Programme – Dublin Turin – in English

clicca qui per Programma Festival – Dublino Torino – in Italiano

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27-30 May: MART Gallery, Dublin:

15-20 June: Teatro Espace, Torino:


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Fergus 2Receptacle: “container of different entities”, the capacity to “hold”, “absorb”, “retain”; in Botany, ‘an enlarged area at the apex of a stem that bears the organs of a flower or the florets of a flower head’. Moving Bodies Butoh and Live Art, in both cities Dublin and Torino, wants to retain-contaminate with different poetics and aesthetics in a space capable to contain transmutations rejections relations and incorporations.

Immagine 23 “recipiente” come , capace di ricevere, di contenere. L’estetica ed il sentito poetico per il Moving Bodies Festival 2015 concepisce gli artisti e gli spettacoli ed il luogo stesso in cui il Festival viene svolto – il teatro Espace, come la capacita’ di contenere e di ricevere cio’ che puo’ essere trasmesso in questo preciso periodo storico. Insieme per ricevere e contenere cio’ che il Butoh e la Performance Art possono generare scoprire e rivelare.

Photos: Fergus Byrne / Francesca Garrone


cropped-cropped-before-the-dawn-1.jpgMoving Bodies Festival will be in MART Gallery – Rathmines, Dublin.

Artists:Yumiko Yoshioka (Japan/Berlin, Germany) Ken Mai (Helsinki, Finland) Natsuko Kono (Japan/Europe) Fergus Byrne (Dublin, Ireland) Rachel Sweeney  and Antonio Roberts (UK Ireland) Deirdre Murphy (Ireland) Eleanor Lawler (Ireland) Antje O’Toole (Ireland) Choko-thursday butoh group: Michela Orlandi (Italy Ireland), Adrienne Wilson (Ireland),  Edegar Starke (Brazil Ireland), Jessica Cotte (UK Ireland), Hiroyuki Kawamichi (Ireland Japan), Jack Beglin ( Ireland), Lighting Designer: Conleth White

photo: Yumiko Yoshioka

 Bookings and Early Bird offers

Teatro Espace Torino – 15-20 June/Giungo 2015

Clicca sul nome per accedere alle bio degli artisti – click on the artists’ names to access the bios

1c11f9851246cd89453b42193858dd5d Minako Seki (Germany) Natsuko Kono (Japan Europe), Fergus Byrne (Ireland), Ambra G. Bergamasco (Irelnad Italy) Ken Mai (Finland) Sara Bracco, Maurizia Mannucci (Italy) Elisa Spagone (Italy) Francesca Garrone (Italy) Choko Butoh Research Group – Michela Orlandi (ireland Italy), Edegar Starke (Irleand Brazil) Jack Beglin (Ireland Africa) Adrienne Wilson (Ireland).

Photo: Minako Seki

Bookings and Offers click here: Offerte costi e prenotazioni

Lighting Designer: Conleth White

Teatro Espace di Via Mantova 30 – Torino


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