Moving In Space Making a Space: Ceramic Sculpture and Butoh workshop by Kathleen Moroney and Ambra G. Bergamasco

25 June 2016 11-1pm at Mart Gallery
25 euro; booking via paypal

Moving in Space, Making a Space; Butoh and Ceramics in Conversation. Explore, examine and exploit the nature and materiality of space, both internal and external; real and imagined, physical and visual through a movement and making
workshop that integrates butoh exercises and simple clay form manipulation.

An interdisciplinary approach is used as a research tool to provide a dual perspective and understanding of the physicality of space, which can then be applied to personal and professional practice in a multitude of fields.

This workshop will be led by Butoh artist Ambra Bergamasco and Ceramic artist Kathleen Moroney. No prior experience is needed.

Kathleen Moroney lectures on the BA programme at IADT and is

External Assessor of Fine Art Ceramics at GMIT (2010-2016). She has a Research Masters in Ceramics from LIT and is currently working on a Practice-led PhD at the University of Sunderland, UK. Kathleen has been awarded residencies in New York, Minnesota, Japan, China and Denmark. While in New York City she worked in museum education (2000-2005) for the Guggenheim, MoMA PS1, and the Isamu Noguchi Museum, where a curiousity for the use of ‘space’ and ‘composition’ was ignited; now integral components of her practice. Kathleen’s research focuses on the intersection of a ‘measured’, process based material world of craft and the transcient, immediate nature of contemporary dance, in particular Butoh exercises, to explore the delineation of ‘movement in time’ and the traces of motion inherent in stillness. Her methodology merges a cognitive and physical/embodied approach to the understanding, processing and translation of concept.

The narrative undercurrent of Kathleen’s work has found form in site-specific and collaborative projects, public art commissions and gallery installations.

Ambra Gatto Bergamasco is a butoh artist and performer. With a strong background in physical theatre, curator and director of Moving Bodies Festival and co-director of Teatro Espace in Torino. Since 2013, Ambra is working on themes of dispossession, forced nomadicity, scapes of vulnerability through Butoh and performance.