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Natasha Bourke is a Cork-based visual artist, dancer and experimental filmmaker of Irish and Dutch descent. With a lifelong background in dance, movement, aerial and performance, Bourke initially studied and performed ballet for 13 years from a young age, since exploring Contemporary, Breakdance, Folk, Jazz, Hip-hop, African and Butoh, amongst other dance forms. She has been involved in multiple solo and group performance collaborations, projects, residencies, collectives and events which have all served to enrich her practice. Her current movement practice incorporates primarily Contemporary, Butoh, Yoga and Vertical dance/harness work. Swimming or movement in water is also a core element of Bourke’s practice as she regularly explores new ways to integrate it into her studio-based work with a strong interest in suspended, in-between or liminal physical and psychological states.

Bourke’s broader interdisciplinary art practice incorporates performance, digital & analogue lens-based media, sculpture, tropes, light & sound as languages. The work is often rooted in her own autobiography, phenomenology & archive whilst contemplating more universal themes of self and society such as identity, time, obsolescence, perception, isolation, pathos, dystopia and the sublime.

Existential themes of longing, loss and isolation are often rendered with a sense of the absurd and Irony. From a theoretical point of view historical, scientific, philosophical and anthropological sources are drawn from to help put the work into a wider context.

Coneface, Bourke’s core performance alter ego is an anonymised pathos figure, used to explore themes including the above mentioned. Coneface continues to evolve, having been performed in multiple milieux for live and filmic events nationwide since 2014.

Bourke is drawn to filmmaking, installation, sculpture light and drawing primarily because they provide her with appropriate means to express both human and synthetic movement. Bourke is keen to further her exploration of dance film as medium and her short experimental films have been screened in various art contexts since 2010 as well as being incorporated into performances and sculptural installations, which have been exhibited in Cork and Dublin.

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