Natsuko Kono Mart, Dublin I Espace Teatro Torino

Natsuko Kono ‘コズモ-cosmo’ dance performance

cosmo original copy

Concept & Dance Natsuko Kono

It is about the concept of time in universe how it is used by humans in modern society. Strange individuals represent the Timesavings Bank and promote the idea of time saving among the population, time which can be deposited to the Bank and returned to the client later with interest. They then make people forget all about them, but not about the resolution to save as much time as possible “for later use”. life becomes sterile, devoid of all things considered time-wasting, like social activities, recreation, art, imagination, or even sleeping. Buildings and clothing are made exactly the same for everyone and the rhythms of life become hectic. In reality, the more time people save, the less they have. Same thing with emotion…?. “Through this piece, lets try to empty our brain and emotion and just follow the gravity then see where we can reach to. Forget about past forget about future forget about time, just be there and stay real and honest with your feelings. Trust in each moment then disappear from this world”. – Natsuko Kono

Sound designed by Vladimir Rašković followed by ideas of our universe is not silent~ although space is a vacuum, this does not mean there is no sound in space. Sound does exist as electromagnetic vibrations. The specially designed instruments on board the Voyager and other probes, picked up and recorded these vibrations, all within the range of human hearing (20-20,000 cycles per second).

The true ambient space sounds that come from electronic vibrations of the planets, moons and rings, electromagnetic fields of the planets and moons, planetary magnetosphere, trapped radio waves bouncing between the planet and the inner surface of it’s atmosphere, charged particle interactions of the planet, it’s moons and the solar wind, and from charged particle emissions from the rings of certain planets. All sounds are space sounds, there are no engine sounds from the spaceprobes.


MART Gallery, Dublin 28th of June 8pm

Espace Teatro, Torino 17th of June 9pm


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