Open Night Cinema (ONC) – Para-cinema

Bury Me Standing is ONC’s exclusive creative response to the theme of “Difference” for Moving Bodies Festival, Dublin. Devised in October 2015, incorporating spoken word, analogue projection and a live soundscape, it is an intensely atmospheric improvised performance and a defiant celebration of innate human wildness –with Cillian Roche, Michael Higgins, Oli Ryan, Shane Cleare.

Bury Me Standing emerges from the Open Night Cinema Project. Set up in June 2015 by performer Cillian Roche and filmmaker Michael Higgins, it is a non-profit ‘pop-up’ film studio that lives, breathes and sleeps throughout the industrial landscapes of Dublin. It primarily feeds on cinematic events designed with characteristics of expanded cinema, experimental film and live performance. These events utilise the zone outside the projected frame in order to breathe life into the cinematic experience. Throughout the year, it has been host to a range of events that blur the lines between art installation, cinematic exhibition and live performance.


OPEN NIGHT CINEMA was set up out of a passion for cinema and a need for a creative workspace. It seemed only natural that this would exist amidst the high volume of dilapidated, abandonned industrial spaces throughout their hometown, Dublin City.

Along with the help of a small team of friends they have dedicated their time and money to cleaning, repairing and rebuilding these waste land areas into a place where people can gather creative activities, cinematic experiences, social networks and exchange new and innovative ideas.

All events are free of charge and all are welcome.