What is Butoh dance performance

What is Butoh?

We decided to give an explanation of this uncategorisable art form, through the writings of Butoh Master Masaki Iwana, that is our invited guest:

“First I would like to speak about what kind of training one should pursue, because dance is “a realization of one’s dream through the body”, one must first know one’s body very well. When I say ‘the body’, I mean a total body that includes all levels – the bio-skeletal body, the spirit, and intuition. Dance is not movement in itself, but it is greatly related with movement. Therefore, one must know the functions of movements. I often compare the body with a building. The function of the body, like the ones of the building, has

  1. ‘strength’
  2. ‘flexibility’ and on top of them rests
  3. ‘balance’

If these three work well together, it becomes movement, and the movement can have a relationship with dance.Before entering the dance training, we train the body which is the valuable instrument of dance. This training is for flexibility and core strength – using stretching – and power and balance training. These exercises have a single aim – by training the lower-body (the base of our body), we prepare the body so that the upper body can relax. More can be read on the artist’s website: www.iwanabutoh.com