Yumiko Yoshioka

Workshop and Performance Dublin Mart Gallery – Dance Ireland Dance House

Workshop 1-6pm 28-31 May Dance Ireland Dance House, Foley st.1

Performance 8pm, 30th May Mart Gallery

Italian to follow english text

Yumiko Yoshioka  is a dancer choreographer and director organiser of Ex..it! for more informations click here eX..it! August 2015 edition
Yumiko  experienced Europe´s encounter with the style butoh. As a dancer she came in 1978 with the work ´Dernier Eden´ and the women´s ensemble Ariadone to Europe. It was the first butoh performance ever outside Japan and was received coolly. After only a single appearance in a cabaret in Paris, the ensemble was sacked by the club´s owner. Only when further performances were given in a small private theatre did Ariadone play to increasingly large Hibrido Original Yumiko soloaudiences. In 1981 it was back in Paris under the guidance of Ko Morubushi and Carlotta Ikeda, by which time it had already made a name for itself and played to full houses 150 times in a year. The tension of confrontation during the first European guest performances was a key experience for Yumiko Yoshioka, who then began to travel to and fro between Japan and Europe because: “Living in Europe means friction for me!” and friction is the source from which the dancer, soon active as a choreographer and teacher too, draws her energy of motion. Between the third and fourth generation of butoh artists, she has developed, under the influence of various Asian training methods and schools and on the basis of butoh, a personal style called ´body resonance´, integrating features of nogushi gymnastics, yoga and tai chi. A key process is the freeing of memory-layers, which Yoshioka says hold energies and experiences stored in the body and are cosmic and universal. This inner reservoir, of which we are mostly unaware, contains not only rational and emotional knowledge but also, in a changed form, elements and forces from nature. Yumiko Yoshioka takes all this to be an archaic fund of the human, open to cropped-before-the-dawn-12.jpgreactivation, so classical butoh motifs serve as a vehicle for the transformation of energy: “There is a feedback between the imagination and the body. By enabling dancers to develop antennae and by supplying them with images, I try to let them channel impressions and information. They may then achieve a state in which they can transcend their egos and change themselves,” so Yoshioka in an interview.

One of the most extravagant projects so far has been ´Test Laboratory Z.0005´, enclosing four dancers in a threatening 2.50 m high metallic machine. Hares, set free in the surroundings, activate one or another light-installation, which in turn activates mechanisms for opening or sealing enclosures. The body is hermetically caught then free to move in two water basins. Likewise picturesque and metaphorical, though aesthetically plainer, are the works involving Yumiko Yoshioka as a soloist and with which she regularly tours with TEN PEN Chii, while continuing her didactic work and acting as the artistic director and curator of various projects at Schloss Bröllin.

Yumiko Yoshioka, arriva nel 1978 con il lavoro ‘Dernier Eden’ di Ariadone, compagnia interamente femminile diretta da Carlotta Ikeda.
E ‘stata la prima performance butoh fuori dal Giappone.cropped-before-the-dawn-1.jpg

Dal 1988 Yoshioka vive in Germania. I primi anni di vita in Germania sono caratterizzati dal lavoro con Manako Seki e Delta R’ai – tatoeba-THÉÂTRE DANSE grottesco. Nel 1995, durante un soggiorno di lavoro con tatoeba nel centro culturale tedesco nella Schloss Bröllin ha incontrato il suo più importante partner culturale finora – lo scultore Joachim Manger. Da li nasce TEN PEN Chii. Yumiko Yoshioka organizza Ex…it! ongi quattro anni, il 2015 e’ uno di questi.Per ulteriori informazioni:exit-broellin

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